Installaling Country Stone Wall Fascias

Country Stone Wall Fascia products are easy to affixed like most conventional tiles, below are instruction for fixing.

Easy installation

Simply ‘butter the back of the tile and adhere to any smooth surface. The adhesive should be applied to the wall using a 10mm notched trowel. The back of the Country Stone tile should also be smeared with a thin layer of adhesive.

Tiles should be evenly spaced using 10mm spacers dowells to support the product during installation.

Cutting is easy

Country Stone will cut easily with a masonry disk.

Fixing to masonary

Fixing to brickwork

Use dowells for even spacing


Grouting is easy to apply using a mortar pointing gun which we can supply.

1. Fill the tube with grout

2. Apply grout evenly

3. Use dowells for even spacing

4. Fill all areas between

5. Sponge grout clean

6. Scrape off excess grout


Country Stone has a built in water repellent. Sealing is not essential, although it will reduce weathering.


Country Stone supplies a dry mix ‘renderkit. This is also effective for merging two fascia tiles on a corner.